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1. The act of retaliating; revenge 2. A policy intended to regain lost territory or standing.

Kwannon is a woman who has died three times; twice at the hands of her lover Matsu'o Tsurayaba, and once by Psylocke. She's also been reborn three times; the first by her lover working with Spiral to blend her and Betsy Braddock's bodies and souls together, the second a half-ressurection by the Sisterhood of Mutants. The third has been much the same as the second; brought back in a body that was supposedly destroyed to be an assassin with the assumption that Kwannon's soul was gone. She wasn't.

As far as powers, Kwannon has retained the empathic ability she was born with, along with a portion of Betsy Braddock's telepathy. Aside from using it to generate psychic bolts or semi-physical manifestations of the same to mentally and physically disrupt her opponents, Kwannon avoids using her telepathy as much as possible. This distrust and loathing of her ability, paired with her lack of training in it, often leaves her unintentionally projecting feelings of unease and confusion at those around her.

She is currently an asymptomatic, contagious carrier of the Legacy virus. She wears scarring from her first, fatal infection across her chest, shoulders, and neck (example)

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